Friday, 3 August 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

CAP grind


Nothing much to report since my last blog post. I have still been playing the NL CAP cash games and trying to improve my game. I think i am gradually getting there though as per usual sometimes my lack of patience/tilt lets me down and i undo a lot of good work.

To try and keep my discipline i decided to just play 3 tables so i can concentrate on decisions and have started with a $100 bankroll, and will see how far i can spin it up. I will just use a 20 buy-in rule to keep things interesting.  With the high variance of CAP games i could quite as easily go bust as i could double up lol.  Though i hope posting my results on a regular basis will help improve my discipline.

I am going to keep most of the daily updates on a post on the ShortStackRevolution forum, which i have recently joined and contribute too. Anyone interested in getting into CAP games cant go far wrong if they check this site out and purchase Lorin Yelle's system. He keeps his forum updated on a regular basis and is pro actively updating his system as the game evolves.

I am constantly in contact with another UK player who like me lives in Liverpool (well he is a student here),  Ben David aka "THEitinBEST" on Pokerstars. We have put in a lot of strategy discussion and have some live training sessions planned when he returns to uni at Liverpool next term.

EDIT: I played 350 hands this evening and was thankfull of getting off to a good start, my bankroll is now at $118

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Butlins holiday

Last week was our family holiday to Butlins in Minehead. It was decided a while ago we were going to have a cheap holiday and as we had visited Minehead before we kinda new what to expect. We went with the in laws so there were seven of us in total, however as we had the boy R, we had to have the smallest room with a bunk bed (for myself the boy R) and a seperate single bed for Mrs R. 
Butlins was ok to be fair, although there were plently of rough looking families there, think Shameless/Jeremy Kyle show, and also there seemed to be loads of disabled people there with their carers. 
On the Tuesday myself and my brother-in-law played in the adults football torny, which was a six a side affair on a plastic pitch. Everyone took it very seriously and i really enjoyed it, although i was probably one of the oldest i got well stuck in and finished off with bleeding legs after falling/sliding on the plastic surface. Also these days my knees dont stand upto much so i could hardly walk for two days after.
There were plently of people limping or with strange walks anyway (the disabled holiday makers), and for two days it looked as if i was out with my carer!!!.  However i recovered enough to play the torny again on the Saturday.
Whilst we were there we had an enjoyable day out to Dunster and its castle, we travelled there on a railway line that has all old style stations/steam trains which was really cool and like travelling back in time to the 1950's. 
 Dunster Castle

Awesome view from Dunster Castle ramparts

Railway stations from the 1950's

Prince Charles was even photographed in a pair of 1950's undies, snooping around the challet grounds!!

Another Rossi vs food challange?!

In the downtime when there wasnt much going on, i used my new Samsung Galaxy S2 to its full potential and watched loads of videos from the ShortStackRevolution package. I also played (2 tabling) about 1k hands and finished about 5 buy-ins up for the holiday so not too bad and it kept me entertained.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Night out, CAP games, Snoring

On Friday i went out on a drinking session into Liverpool with a couple of mates to watch the England v Sweden game. We had a good laugh and ended up getting back about 3am, which i suppose after recent nights out is a bit early for us!!!

Pokerwise i have continued with the pursuit of learning CAP games, although still haven't got the results i have been looking for,  but i am hoping with time that will come. I have spent a lot of time on Facebook chatting to another UK player (Ben) from Liverpool who is as keen as me to learn CAP games.  

Last night we had a bit of an epic session that lasted until about 2am, but again goes to show just how unlucky i am.  
I have settled on playing just four tables as i feel that playing anymore is detrimental to my game, however this allows me to table select some juicier tables.

On one table i had this cretin from Germany (helm1963) who was near enough pushing All in Pre-Flop with any two cards (look at the guys V$PIP, at 84/60!!)  , and he stayed playing for about two hours, i think in the end he had donked off nearly $400  (40 buy-ins).  I told Ben to get himself on the table, and after a bit of waiting he managed to get a seat.
Now with villain pushing nearly any two cards it was +EV to get it all-in against him with any ACE and most KINGx hands.  However FML i never run good, Ben must have taken about $220 from him, where as i couldn't win a hand. My graph tells the story, the expected value and the actual value!!!  I was getting hands like JJ beaten by T4o and shite like that over and over again!!

It was so annoying to be in such a good situation and to run like that, which kinda shows i cant even win when someone is giving their money away. But nothing at all you can do in poker when stuff like that happens.
I am getting happier by the day at the way i am playing and learning the CAP game, and myself and Ben have got a lot of strategy discussion and live training sessions planned for the end of the month so that should be all good.

Tomorrow i am off on holiday to Butlins in Minehead , we are going with the in-laws so there will be seven of us in total.
When Butlins was originally planned i had images in my head of some 70's holiday camp with old wooden chalets like something of the TV program Hi-Di-Hi!!  However looking at the website it looks more like a Centre-Parcs kind of setup.

When we got in on Friday night and finally went to bed, i was the only one awake due to all the snoring. My bro and mate Sean were sleeping on the sofas downstairs and my mate Ian had bagged Mrs R's side of the bed lol.  I decided to catch the snoring (the video is dark to start off with, and includes my usual swearing commentary)

And to finally add insult to injury and show that no-one respects my house, the boy R decided to show us his artistic side by drawing all over the wall in our conservatory...FML!!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

NL "CAP" 6-max

Its been a while since i posted anything about poker. What have i been doing recently, well over the last month or so i have ventured into playing NL "CAP" cash games (6-max). For anyone not familiar with this variant of cash games, your stack is basically capped at 20BB (big blinds) and that is the most you can put into the pot on any given hand. 
It does sound like a shove/fold fest but once you get into it, it is plain to see that there is more to it than that.

The first month went terrible as i obviously had the strategy all wrong. However the more i delved into the game the better the results gradually become. Whilst playing on a CAP table about a fortnight ago, i made contact with another UK player, who is a student based in Liverpool and also like me very interested in playing/learning CAP game strategy.  Since that first encounter we have spent ages chatting on Facebook about poker and general stuff and we are currently working our way through a load of strategy vids/charts etc etc. 

The other day we were on/off facebook for nearly 8 hours, talking strategy, going through hands etc etc and its all been good. We plan to continue with this for the foreseeable future and hope it massively improves our game and understanding of CAP strategy.

I tested the water yesterday, armed with a bit of new knowledge and although this is only the tip of the iceberg at this point, my game was noticeably different and i was seeing spots/situation and other players in a different light.  Ben railed some of the games and we discussed a couple of hands afterwards which was pretty good.

Todays session has gone equally as well and i am 5 buy-ins up by tea-time, i am only playing 4 tables for now while i hammer the revision and hopefully get a lot more familiar with the games. The VPP rate earned at CAP games is also very good which makes playing them very appealing.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Benidorm 2012 trip report

At 3.30 am on Tuesday morning the alarm clock went off after months of waiting and it was finally time for another lads trip to Benidorm. To be fair it was probably pointless going to bed as I pretty much led there like a child waiting for Christmas morning to arrive!!!!  (i suppose this is what you look forward to when yr 35-50yrs old!!!!). The excuse for this trip was my mate Phil's 50th birthday (2nd left above photo).  Me being the youngest of the group at 35 years old.

We had our first pint at the airport at approx 5am and then sneaked a couple of bottles of red wine onto the plane to drink during our journey.  The drinking continued once we had arrived, firstly by the hotel pool and then in a busy bar on the beach front. At about 8pm it was back to the hotel for a quick shower and change of clothes then a quick tea in the hotel restaurant. I would definitely recommend going full board on a lads holiday as it works out way cheaper in the long run and you can drink for a lot longer if you make sure you at least go for your meals.

Then it was out into Benidorm where the clubs/pubs stay open until 7am every day off the year. Tuesday was the quietest night off the week (in comparison to normal nights in Benidorm) but it was still as busy as most UK towns at the weekend. After a massive pub crawl we ended up in the infamous Cafe Benidorm night club.  Three of us made it until about 5.30am which was over the 24 hours of continuous drinking threshold!!.  

Unfortunately for me one of them was my room-mate Karl, who is pretty much like a machine that doesn't stop.  We got back to our room at 5.45 am, and at 8.15 am he woke me up telling me to get to breakfast and then the pool so we could carry on drinking.

The above photo was taken just after Karl got me up. It almost felt like a dream, i mean 24 hours drinking, 2.5hrs sleep and then some maniac wanting you to do it all again.  To try and make me understand he kept telling me "Bed was for bugs"  (not for people with hangovers), and trying to resist was futile so i just got up and went with the flow.
We spent the rest of the day drinking and messing about around the pool, and as it was 2 for 1 drinks at the pool bar it made drinking there a no-brainer.

So after another day of drinking we again hit Benidorm, and it was amazing how busy it was for a Wednesday night. Imagine the busiest UK city centre at weekend and that is somewhere near. The amount of stag/hen doo's from the UK is crazy, big gangs of people dressed in crazy fancy dress or identical "uniforms" is mental, you wouldn't think so many people in the UK actually get married, never mind celebrate it on a weekday night in May in a foreign country?!!!

We watched the infamous "Sticky Vicky", and also a number of comedians/tribute acts that complete the Benidorm club/pub scene.  The funniest comedian we watched was a bloke called Tony Scott who had us all crying with laughter. I managed to find this clip on YouTube of him.

It all ended in another late one and it was pretty much daylight by the time some of us came out of Cafe Benidorm!!
Another short bit of sleep, about 3 hours i think and it was time to do it all again for the third and final time!!!

Another all dayer prevailed and then into Benidorm, which was even busier than the previous two nights and again another daylight exit for us from Cafe Benidorm!!!
We had a superb time, drank a crazy amount of ale and had a crazy amount of sleep (you could count the hours on your hand that we had to sleep during the week).
If any of the lads on the doo want me to send them the pictures just email me on:

Dog needs patting and walking again!!!  -EDAJ-

                                                      me, when the sun got too much!!!!

                                             big arse!!!  (although he always acts it)

                             To old for "budgie smugglers"!!!  even if you do think you look like Daniel   Craig, OO7!!!

Our leader, and diplomat!!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

I just dont need it!!!!!!!!!

As i get older my enthusiasm for flying is decreasing year by year, and the thought of flying these days leaves me with a slight shudder of "oh no,what if it....."
With just over a week until i fly to Benidorm the news seems to be full of near misses/incidents and crashes......................I mean i just don't need it.....!!!

Today in Poland:

Today in Spain, same country i will be going to!!


Last week at Gatwick:

Last week in USA:

Last week, plane crash in Pakistan......127 dead

Friday, 20 April 2012

After the white flag.....

My last post was doom and gloom, so since then i have just chilled out, only playing a bit of poker.
Last Friday i went to Ladies Day of the Grand National 3-day meeting at Aintree. It is a superb day and we really did drink some ale.

We started drinking at 11am and by the time the races had finished at 5pm we had drunk 10 pints of John Smiths. Everyone felt fine, i didnt even feel like i had had a drink tbh. So we then caught a taxi to town (Liverpool) and carried on drinking, this time i stuck to Monster&vodkas and we did this until about 3am!!!
I finished equal in betting on the horses, but i only ever bet £5 per race. I also found a £10 note on the floor in a pub (i run so good!!).

Its only two weeks until i go to Benidorm for a piss-up, my mate Phil (2nd right) is 50 and there are 12 of us going which should be a good laugh, i think i am the youngest of the party at 35 lol.

I left $50 on pokerstars with the intention of just chilling out and maybe trying to build it up, i have managed to double it in a week and it is now $100.......wooohoo!!!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Judging by the graphic you can kinda tell that the weekend hasn't gone to well poker wise, I'm about 16 buy-ins down since my last post. Pretty pissed off tbh as i thought i was doing ok but it all went to ratshit!!.  So I am going to give grinding loads of tables a rest coz i clearly am doing something wrong with my present format/game. 
I cant be arsed putting anymore pressure on myself for a bit, as it feels like i am constantly doing that and its a bit soul crushing when you give it loads of effort for no reward  (in fact less £ reward than what you started with!!).  So I am going to chill out for a while, maybe just play a couple of micros for the time being until i get my head together. For the Much Hoole Poker club players i will be organising another home game shortly, which will be nice to play a poker game that is enjoyable!!

To boost morale i am going on an all dayer on Friday with some lads from work to Aintree for Ladies Day of the Grand National, it willl be the forth year i have been and i am really looking forward to it.

I have finally got to grips with my new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, which is a bit of a beast, its my first smart phone and i am just finding out how many awesome apps are available to download. (pity there wasnt one to improve my poker game/mindset).

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wed 4th April

As i said in my last post, i was going to play in silence from now on, as opposed to listening to music or podcasts or whatever. So today proved silence WAS actually golden, although it was a day of two halves.

In my tea-time session i ended up about $80 down and a little bit pissed off with my play ,so I decided to cut the session short and chill out. 
I returned to the virtual felt about 10.30pm refreshed and ready to go again, this time I was up approx 7 buy-ins (in silence!!).


HANDS:  3992
WINNINGS:  +$91.39
VPPS:  306

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April 2nd & 3rd

I didn't play poker at all on Monday as Mrs R was off work and we decided to go into town to the Orange shop and upgrade our phones. We actually drove to Southport rather than Liverpool as it is lot quieter
I upgraded my phone to the latest Samsung Galaxy S2 which is a bit of a beast, especially compared to my shite 2 year old Nokia. Mrs R upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Ace, as she (in her own words) is not that interested in phones!!

However i have been like a child at Christmas with a new toy, unlucky for me though is that i have to wait until the 15th April (when my new phone package kicks in properly) before i can use the Internet on it and download apps (i cant get my house Wifi to work). I have been transferring videos and books from my computer onto it, and am amazed at how much memory it has.
Later, on Monday evening i went out to the pub for a few drinks with my mate Phil.

 On Tuesday i was off all day on my own which should have been a perfect opportunity to play loads of poker, it didn't happen and what i did play was crap!!
I listened to a 2+2 (poker forum) podcast whilst playing and it really affected my concentration. I did get coolered on a few hands and ran a buy-in under EV, but that isn't really the story.  I played rubbish and i think from now on i should play in silence in order to maximise concentration levels. My game is the difference between night and day when i give 100% concentration, like Mrs R and Mother R before her said, "Neil you cant do more than one thing at once" and i think that is defo true when it comes to playing poker!!


HANDS:  2436
WINNINGS:  -$122.22
VPPS:  149


 HANDS:  7368
WINNINGS:  -$97.18
VPPS:  440

Monday, 2 April 2012

Aprils plan

Over the last few days i have been reading and rereading Nathan Williams book and blogposts, and I am finding them really helpfull. I am going to continue to study throughout April in between playing.
I have dropped my tables down from 24 to 16 which has been helpfull and i am going to concentrate on just playing NL$25 for the whole month and see how i get on.

To make it more interesting (and to motivate me to play more), i am going to try and blog every couple of days my ongoing results and graphs plus maybe a few interesting hands that came up in my sessions.

Today i managed to play approx 5k hands, it was a bit swingy and i finished below AIEV, (expected value) however i still managed to profit a buy-in, so that is the main thing.


Hands:  4922
Profit:    $25.04    (1.02 BB/100)
VPP's:  292

Monday, 19 March 2012

Tyler Frost (frosty012)

Pokerstars have just revealed the latest in a series of short videos they have made about their Team Online Pros.

Tyler Frost (Frosty012), is a young Canadian Pro whose blog i have followed over the last couple of years. We have regular banter via the comments section of his blog, mostly me leaving him various "Rossi top tips about life in general" in regard to his blog posts about his nights out, lol. We have chatted online on the Pokerstars tables and i think he is a sound guy who has a mature outlook on life for someone of his age, and he is also shit hot at poker!!!.


Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday night fever!!!

This hand helped with results tonight!!  I managed to get full value by shoving in the rest of my stack and villian called with his lone 2 of clubs, maybe he thought i was on an epic bluff.... he couldnt have been more wrong LOL!!!

Off on a stag doo tommorrow. It was meant to be in the Lake District however when my mate phoned the hotel (guest house) that we were meant to be staying at and asked if they didnt mind people coming in late, the owner informed him that he didnt want anyone coming back late or drunk or he would lock everyone out......mmmm a stag doo.  We quickly cancelled our booking and rebooked into a 100 room Great Western Hotel in Kendal, so downtown Kendal better watch out tommorrow night!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

March, so far

I started the year of by playing SNG's, however after a couple of months i have decided to go back to cash games. Playing tornys just isnt feasible with my circumstances.  I was playing the 18-man tornys that take about an hour and was playing 20 at a time. All in all a session would take about an 1hr 15mins, but once you have started you are committed to see it out to the end. 

However seeing as i have a 3 year old in the house, it kind of limited the opportunities that i could give an hour and a quarter knowing that i couldnt be disturbed. This led to me not playing as often as i could, just in case of disturbance and not playing when i had a spare 45 minutes or so. The good thing with cash games is that you can sit out anytime, without losing anything, which is what i need given my circumstances.

Also i was worried about my internet crashing/power cut  (which we have had happen recently), which would me losing all 20 buyins if i was unlucky to get cut-off at the start of a session. Even playing $3 tornies, that is $60 that would have been lost, a hit my bankroll doesnt really need.

For a week or so I had a go at playing CAP cash games (where your max bet per hand is capped at 20BB), but  after a bit i couldnt be arsed with them.

So i have gone back to playing 24 tables NL full ring and so far it seems to be going ok. I have re-read Nathan Williams book "Crushing the Micros", plus some more recent strategy articles in his blog so things arent too rusty.

This week i have done a load of overtime at work (approx £350 worth) and also tried out the new pokerstars mobile app on an Ipad, which will be pretty good for bringing casual players into the player pool.

This weekend see's me going back to the Lake District, this time on a friends stag doo. We are going clay pigoen shooting in the afternoon followed by a piss up in Bowness/Windermere  (next blog post). I had to order a flat cap as apparently that is the uniform of this particular stag event!!


Friday, 2 March 2012

Monday, 27 February 2012

A week in the Lake District

Last week I went on a weeks holiday to the Lake District with Mrs R, the Boy R, and the in-laws.
We stayed in an apartment that we have stayed in during previous visits, which is ok although i think we may try somewhere different next time as it is hasn't had any refurbishments in the last five years and was beginning to look slightly tired.

On the Wednesday of our visit the weather was horrendous and the area was given local flood warnings. I had rained over the previous two days and then torrential over the the night and into the morning. We set out to climb a mountain although this was soon abandoned due to the rain and flooding which was greater than anything i had seen before!! I managed to get a few photos which show how bad it was.

This was taken from the car window, whilst driving down the road, the water level in the fields was higher than the actual road level and was increasing, forcing us to give up on our journey and head back.

Mrs R in the car with Anti-social (the father in-law). the water level here is normally about 6 feet lower and whilst we were on the bridge a full tree was swept under. Easy too see why bridges like this were taken out in the floods a couple of years ago.

A normally dry field turned into a lake

A public footpath no more!

We gave up in the end and went on the ale all afternoon

The Boy R was the only one who enjoyed the flooding.

Me, about to toss Anti-Social off the side of a cliff!!

Whilst we were there we climbed a mountain/hill called Castle Cragg and i filmed two short videos of our journey.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Liverpool FC, League Cup Winners 2012

After a nerve racking penalty shoot-out!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

ARNIE, awesome motivational speech.

Awesome motivational video, words of wisdom that can be applied whatever your goals.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pokerstars WBCOOP 2012

It’s the time of the year when Pokerstars runs its WBCOOP (world blogger championship of online poker). Which means loads of freerolls and prizes up for grabs for all the people around the globe that jot their poker exploits down in a blog.

What I would do with the cash if I won the $5000 best blogger prize.

I am a 35 years old and married with a 3 year old boy, a far cry from the single 20 something year old wannabe poker star that I once was back in the days when I first discovered poker.
I have had this blog running since 2005 and in that time I have had a few near misses, a few dabbles in mid stake games, 100’s of good ideas and new challenges, but not much profit to show for it!!!

In all that time Mrs R (the wife), has stuck by me, supported me, sat in silence whilst I ranted about being the unluckiest person in the world, and constantly given me positive comments.
To be honest I sometimes wonder why and currently I am on my last crack of the whip when it comes to poker. I have started multi-tabling 18-man $1.50 SNGs with the aim of using all of my knowledge of poker and its pitfalls to hopefully succeed this one last time. In theory I pretty much know every aspect of mindset/bankroll management/managing yourself etc etc, but this time I really do need to put it into practice.

If I was lucky enough to win the best blogger prize I would not use a single penny/cent of it on the tables, it would be dedicated to treating Mrs R (and the boy R) to a nice holiday and days out, in appreciation to all the support she has shown me over the years.
It’s a win win  situation for me to be honest, If I happen to win, $5k gets used on a nice holiday, if not I may still get some kind of “favours!!” from Mrs R when she reads this blog post and realises its dedicated to her!!

ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!

Poker update

I haven’t played too much since my last post due to being at work over the weekend and I was out on Saturday at a party. When I have played it has gone ok and I have been playing sets of 20 sngs at once which I seem to have settled into, although at times it can get a bit hectic. However I think with SNGs, volume (if you can maintain a winrate) is definitely the way forward as I haven’t felt tilted since I upped the amount of tables played and my accruement of VPPs is noticeably quicker.

The main area I currently need to improve on is managing my time properly, I still reckon I could double my volume if I just stuck to a proper schedule and stopped getting distracted by other things. Playing 20 games at once is fairly draining on your concentration levels and sometimes my breaks at the end of each set are starting to get a little too long!

Friday, 10 February 2012

a good SNG day

I had a pleasing day today at the tables. I didn't really play a great deal, about 3hrs worth so not very much volume wise. All the tornys were the 18-man (2 table) turbo SNG format
However i made 18 buy-ins profit which was good. Some of the points i made in my last post seem to be working so i am just going keep with it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My thoughts on SNG's

I have been messing around with SNG's (sit and go tornys) this month, mostly the two table 18 manners and have come to the following conclusions.

The bad beats are shocking, the amount of times you get your stack in, which you inevitably have to do once the blinds get large, and end up losing and knocked out when you have like 70% chance to win is unbelievable. I have sat there almost flabbergasted at times.
Compared to cash games, you are seeing 10 times more hands go all in against each other and i presume your mind seems to notice it more when you are knocked out of tornys more times than the odds say you should.

A typical all-in, your KK vs AQ, your KK has a 70% chance of winning or 7 times out of 10. So obviously three times out of 10 the AQ is going to beat you. So suppose you are running slightly unlucky and the AQ beats you 4 times out of 10 as opposed to the 3 times it statistically should.  This in your mind almost feels like half the time.  And say the 4 times out of 10 your opponent has more chips than you when he pushes, you are knocked out 4 times. On some of your 7 wins, you had more chips than your opponent and were never in a position to get knocked out, so when you win it doesn't register in your mind as much as getting knocked out the torny. It wouldn't take much of this for your mind to perceive that your getting really F*cked over more times than you should.

Change the odds slightly again to hands like your AK (which seems a monster) All-In against say 9T, your Ak will win 60% of the time, i.e 6 times out of 10. Repeat the above and again in your mindset it seems like you are getting A** raped.

Now we all know in poker that when you start feeling like the rabbit in the headlights, your game has every chance of going to pot, along with your decision making when it comes to bankroll management, game selection and even life decisions!!

Reading pro blogs like James Atkin, who says he has had 80 buy-in downswings and even a 130 buy-in downswing, just goes to show the variance in the games even when you are playing optimally.

With so many aspects involved in playing these sngs i think you should concentrate on sorting the things you can control rather than worrying about the things you cant, and definitely do everything to stop your mindset quickly deteriorating.

I have come up with the following that i am going to try and stick to.

just play 18-man SNG's  (so i know them inside out)
play with a 200 buy-in roll   (to take the swings)  ($350 for $1.5 games)
start at the bottom of the ladder and play the $1.50 games  (to avoid tilt)
play 16 tables, (so not to get too caught up in the stress of bad beats/increase VPPs)
turn of the table chat  (so not to get distracted)
activate "hide from search feature"  (to make it hard for other players to see how many tables your playing)
hide your VPP status (another clue to other players as to how you might be approaching the game)
Try not to even look at your results each day (avoid tilt)

I am going to make every effort to put in a load of volume to see how i get on during this year, if it doesnt get me anywhere then i think i might well fook poker off for a while, especially me taking it as seriously anyway. I think i would rather spend a quarter of my time at the computer playing Football Manger, something i used to enjoy back in the old days. 

I was playing the other night and bumped into BurnleyMik at the tables who i have known online for prob the last few years. he has started playing SNGs again and by reading his recent posts seems to be encountering exactly the same as me.  Also during the same session a player "Mrmoomoo" who i had never played against before said hello in the chat and said he read my blog and as it turned out he lives where i used to live which i thought was pretty cool (and by doing so is eligable to join our pokerstars home game club!!!!! lol, Much Hoole Old boys poker club (I.D 32599 , code Smithy Inn)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Baz's best magic video yet!!!!

I watched DYNAMO (magician impossible) on TV and saw him do a similar trick for the footballer Rio Ferdinand, i sussed how he had done it after the second viewing.
Baz created this video this afternoon, and after 10 watches i am still stumped. To make matters worse he point blank refuses to tell me how he did it, even if i did manage to guess correctly.

His only words on the subject where, There are only two ways i could of done this.
1. actually opened the door and walked outside.
2. or the way he actually did do it!!!

Saturday, 28 January 2012



Friday, 27 January 2012


My brothers latest magic video. Apparently he has been dazzling people at our workplace with this latest trick, here is a quick video he has done of it.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Last night was the second game in the MUCH HOOLE OLD BOYS poker club. However all the leaderboards restarted for 2012, so this was the first game of season 2. This by default made Boatdrinks76 the SEASON ONE winner even though we only played one game in 2011.

Anyway onto this years game, the format was tweaked to make it a rebuy although we still didnt get the blind level time/starting stack sizes quite right as the torny still went on a bit long. The next game will be organised in March so that should be perfect with a few tweaks.

The game kicked off at 8.45pm and had an excellent 9 player turnout, including two honary members of the club... ROSH & SEAN.

The first player to get knocked out was Bilyboybanjo who unfortunately had only just got home from work and just decided not to rebuy during the rebuy period and left the torny, which was a shame but i am sure he will bounce back in the next game.

The rebuy structure was loads better and kept the game more aggressive and built up the final prize pot. 7 players took the $3 add-on at the end of the rebuy period and battle commenced.

i knocked browny out in 8th postition, by out kicking our jacks

 Next to go out in 7th, was boatdrinks76 (season 1 champ!!) who was short stacked for a while

magicbrian out in 6th, no match for a straight flush.

online poker pro Rosh was next out in 5th despite being chip leader for most of the early stages

Tay was out in 4th unlucky to be in the bubble position, but it was the first time he had ever played poker online so he did ok.

I was out in 3rd, short stacked AIPF ahead but it typically didnt hold. I had previously lost a massive pot to the boy Dewing that i maybe shouldnt have got so involved in.

Sean went out in 2nd, this hand was AIPF, and had a pretty sick outcome thanks again to the Pokerstars RNG!!!

So after an epic comeback (though he says he never went anywhere to comeback from!!) and despite being shortish stacked, NEIL DEWING (aka Furious Joe) is the winner of the first club game of 2012 and sits (for now!!) at the top of the leaderboard.

The season 2012 leaderboard so far.